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Marry - September. 05. 2022

Autel installs 80 kW DC fast chargers in Nordic 

Chargers manufacturer Autel and business partner Cepelo together with customer Jysk Energi have deployed the first two AUTEL MaxiCharger DC Fast(Gen2) in the Nordics and installed them in the beautiful towns of Thyborøn and Lemvig in Denmark. These 2 charging stations will bring great convenience to local residents and tourists and have received strong support from the local authorities.

Specially, this was the first DC fast charger in Thyborøn and therefore received a warm welcome from the local authorities and media. A professional technical team from Jysk Energi installed the DC charger and later on a short but lively opening ceremony was held at the project site.

Autel documented the process in pics:

AUTEL MaxiCharger DC Fast(Gen2)

The AUTEL MaxiCharger DC Fast (Gen2) is an upgrade from the first generation with its large screen and technology, click to view the AUTEL MaxiCharger DC Fast (Gen2) datasheet:

MaxiCharger DC Fast Datasheet

In Denmark you can click and find our DC Fast charging at the following 2 addresses:


AUTEL MaxiCharger DC Fast (Gen2) is a collection of POS that allows customers to charge easily with credit card, apple pay, google pay.
A wide range of payment options to solve your payment problems directly.

Thanks to our partners for choosing our MaxiCharger DC Fast. We also received a thank you from the local authorities, watch the video below to see what the local officials said during the ceremony

A local media presenter tested how to charge the car on site smoothly:

We welcome electric vehicle owners coming and experiencing Autel high speed charging.

 Contact us if you are interested in our DC Charging Solution:
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