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See Autel's new MaxiCharger DC HIPower at eComExpo and eCarExpo!

See Autel's new MaxiCharger DC HIPower at eComExpo and eCarExpo! The electric vehicle supply equipment company, Autel has quickly established itself as a leading player in vehicle charging. Their new product is called MaxiCharger DC HIPower, and is so powerful that it can deliver up to 40 miles of range in just ten minutes. 


Autel has long been a leader in automotive electronics, diagnostic equipment and tools. With their range of chargers for electric vehicles, they are now taking the company into the future. The new product MaxiCharger DC HIPower is a direct current (DC) charger that is just as powerful as the name suggests. With the help of liquid cooling it can deliver as much as 480 kW, which is particularly useful for larger electric vehicles such as trucks and buses.

The high power makes it possible to top up to 400 km of range in just ten minutes, depending on the vehicle's charging capacity.

The charger is at the same time smart, and gentle on the batteries. Thanks to the Smart Power Distribution technology, it is possible to charge up to 8 vehicles at the same time, which reduces the waiting time and increases the utilization of the charging infrastructure. A large screen with a user-friendly interface also makes the charger easy to use. This is the charging of the future, here and now.

Autel will exhibit its new charging solution at eComExpo in Stockholm on 27-28 September, at eCarExpo Copenhagen on 26-27 October and eCarExpo in Gothenburg on 1-3 December. In Stockholm you will find them in booth A:15, in Copenhagen in booth D1-20 and in Gothenburg in booth B04-21. Come and have a look!

About Autel

Autel designs, engineers and manufactures some of the most advanced electric car chargers for both residential and commercial users, aiming to explore the sustainable development of better people, vehicles, technology, and new energy.

A closer look at Maxicharger DC Hipower

- Max 650A liquid-cooling and low-temp fast charging technology.
- Super smart: With intelligent power distribution, up to 8 vehicles can be charged simultaneously.
- Maximum output voltage of up to 850V and up to 480kw charging power.
- Dynamic module control and load balancing reduce power expansion and save up to 20,000 kWh per year.
- Compatible with solar energy, energy storage and EMS for efficient energy management.

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