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Alicia James - Oct.17. 2022

Autel and Monta join forces in a pan-European electric vehicle charging partnership

Autel Europe and Monta present a unified hardware and software solution for EV charging.

Starting from today, Autel Europe’s full range of EV chargers will now be supported by Monta software to provide intelligent and easy to manage EV charging.

The partnership aims to make charging simple and more accessible for the UK and Europe.

 Autel’s intelligent charge points are created through an in-house research and development team who create purpose-led charge point hardware.

Chargers will be equipped with Monta’s software to enable easy charging management as well as track and manage users, offer payments through Google or Apple Pay, 24/7 support, and smart charging and reservation features for EV drivers.

“We’re proud to partner with Monta to create a cohesive charging solution,” said Mr. Ting Cai, CEO at Autel Europe. “The combination of Autel hardware with Monta software will create a high quality charging experience for EV drivers at home and on the go.”

“Autel are a key partner with an aligned vision to grow EV adoption across Europe,” said Max Scherer, COO at Monta.

“By collaborating with Autel, we’re able to provide our intelligent software to even more EV drivers and help them to share and monetise their charge point, to smart charge, and to charge on the go on our roaming network ,” said Scherer.

Since 2004 Autel has been developing and selling automotive intelligent diagnostic, EV chargers, energy storage and analysis products and solutions in over 70 countries globally.

 Available as a web-based platform, Monta allows businesses to manage their charge points and track energy consumption, usage, and costs in real-time. Monta also provides a consumer app which allows users to share their chargepoint, access roaming networks, and view their charging data.

This article is written by Alicia James. Photos and videos from Autel Europe.

Contact: Alicia James
PR Account Manager, ITPR
 +44(0)207 183 8200

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