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This is your heading text.Autel Energy's European R&D Managing Director Attends EPE2023 ECCE Europe Tutorials and Emphasizes Innovative EV Charging Solutions

Autel Energy, a global leader in EV charging solutions, is proud to announce the participation of its European R&D Managing Director, Dr. Lin Ma, at the prestigious EPE2023 ECCE Europe event in Aalborg, Denmark. Dr. Lin Ma was a featured speaker at Tutorial N° 19, dedicated to Electric Vehicles, which took place on September 4, 2023, from 09:30 to 13:00.

The 25th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (and Exhibition), EPE2023 ECCE Europe (Energy Conversion Congress and Expo Europe) is a highly respected gathering within the Power Electronics community. Co-sponsored by the EPE Association and the IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS), this year’s event brings together experts and researchers to exchange insights on research progress and technological advancements. The event features a diverse range of tutorials and discussions aimed at advancing development of power electronics. Autel Energy recognizes the importance of this event and is pleased to make contribution with its innovative solutions.

Dr. Lin Ma's tutorial encompassed an array of critical topics, including AC/DC power conversion, V2G technology, and islanding techniques. He also delved into power management, data management, and cybersecurity within the realm of digital charging. His tutorial provided an in-depth exploration of Autel Energy's extensive line of EV charging products, which includes:

1.Autel AC Wallbox: a sleek, user-friendly home charging solution designed to make EV charging accessible and convenient for all.
2. Autel AC Compact: a versatile charging solution suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential settings to commercial environments.
3. Autel AC Ultra: engineered for high-performance charging. It's an excellent choice for public charging networks and busy urban areas where fast, reliable charging is essential.
4. Autel DC Compact: a fast-charging solution that enables swift and convenient EV charging.
5. Autel DC Fast: designed for ultra-fast charging, catering to the needs of EV drivers on the go.

Dr. Lin Ma's participation at EPE2023 ECCE Europe underscores Autel Energy's dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV charging technology. Autel Energy remains at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, driving the electric vehicle revolution with a comprehensive range of charging products that cater to the needs of individuals, businesses, and communities.

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