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Logistics Specialist (NL) APPLY NOW

Den Haag, The Netherlands
Full time

Job Description:

·Familiar with SAP and logistics information management

·Responsible for planning of logistics company routes to reduce logistics costs

·Responsible for interfacing with third party logistics companies to ensure timely, accurate and safe delivery

· Responsible for handling all the unexpected events in the process of freight transportation

· Assist customer service for the post-processing work of reworked or damaged parts

· Regularly summarize the logistics management reports, and improve the logistics operation

· Responsible for the tracking and implementation of issued goods, timely feedback, and solve all kinds of problems in the process of tracking and implementation

· Responsible for warehouse incoming and outgoing accounts processing and inventory work, to ensure the consistency, consistency and accuracy of data

· Tracking and dealing with discrepancies in the transfer of goods between regions

· Planning and design of the company's logistics, supply chain operation mode and logistics distribution network

· Establish, improve and implement the company's logistics management system and related workflow


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