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Technical Support (Spain/Germany/Italy) APPLY NOW

Spain/Germany/Italy/The Netherlands
Full time

Job description:

1.     Responsible for pre-sales / after-sales technical support work, including but not limited to technical support for customers in the development of sales opportunities, technical support of the project delivery process and commissioning, as well as after-sales technical support after delivery.

2.     Timely processing of customer feedback product technical problems, responsible for tracking customer feedback technical problems and final solution, collect customer demand and feedback with headquarters R & D department;

3.     Responsible for customer problem collation, summary, analysis, promote R & D improvements and upgrades;

4.     The production of product technical information and training and compilation of repair cases.

What You’ll Need

1.     Bachelor degree or above, 1 year or above related work experience, electric power, communication, electronics, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, automotive service engineering, automotive engineering and other science and technology majors;

2.     Charging pile, new energy industry work experience is preferred;

3.     Strong working methodology, strong execution ability, good pressure resistance, good team spirit;

4.     Strong learning ability, good service consciousness, strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and rigorous work;

5.     Strong self-driven ability;

6.     Fluent in English, other European languages preferred.


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