Our MaxiCharger AC Wallbox received a prestigious Red Dot 2022 Design Award!

Autel's MaxiCharger AC Wallbox received a prestigious Red Dot 2022 Design Award for high product design quality. The international jury only awards this sought-after seal to products that feature an outstanding design. We are honored to receive this award as it showcases our dedication not only to high-level technical detail inside the product, but also to the overall design and user experience on the outside of it.

Complicated installation processes, limited charger lifespan and low resistance to bad weather have been painpoints for a long time. The MaxiCharger AC Wallbox was developed to smooth out these painpoints as well as have a charger that aesthetically stood out.


Autel's MaxiCharger AC Wallbox:Red Dot Award Winner



The AC Wallbox features a modular design that simplifies installation and maintenance. Rounded corners offer a softness to the product, giving it an appearance of everyday utility, much like a smartphone does. And the teflon surface gives it a sleek metallic texture, giving it a smooth and durable feel with every touch. The touchscreen stands out with intuitive icons and an easy-to-use interface, with a bright green Autel logo at the top. The charging port in the bottom half provides an eye-catching and functional spot for the charging cable to rest. The port also features a bright green circle, complementing the black cable and customizable cover.

The AC Wallbox comes with IP65 protection from weather and dust, making it perfect for outdoor applications.

Inside the charger is an innovative cooling design that keeps temperature at a full power lower than industry average by 10 degrees celsius, prolonging its lifespan over 8 years. Our hardware features charger + battery management + vehicle protection, making it the world's first triple protection technology. Health charging mode prevents overcharging and increases battery safety, as do Autel's safety warnings if your vehicle's battery needs maintenance.

Red Dot has been giving awards for industrial design for more than 60 years. Based in Germany, this award distinguishes winning businesses through extraordinary design. Winners have their products published in the annual Red Dot Design Yearbook and presented in the winners' section on their website. Their museums in Essen, Germany, Xiamen, China, and Singapore also showcase the winning products, ensuring Autel and other winners get international recognition and attention.

2022 saw a record number of companies and design studios participate in the annual competition, and in an evaluation lasting several days, products were placed under heavy scrutiny by a distinguished panel of judges. Every small detail is looked at, poked, prodded and analyzed, and come together to be judged for overall design quality and degree of innovation. As CEO and founder of the award, Dr. Peter Zec, puts it: *"The fact that you emerged victorious from such a strong group of participants is testimony to the extraordinary quality of your product." *

Autel is not new to the Red Dot Award as our products have won distinctions in the past. Likewise, as Red Dot states, winning the award is not the conclusion of a success story- it is the beginning. This is "the beginning of a story that needs to be told," and the design quality prevalent in the AC Wallbox is our best story-teller. Winning design awards along with giants such as Porsche, Braun, Bose, and Acer, Autel has positioned itself as a leader in design quality. This level of excellence is what drives us forward, and we want to thank Red Dot and Dr. Zec for the honor.