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How to Build a Fully-equipped EV Charging Station

Ask any manufacturer how to build an EV charging station and they'll sell you an EV charger.

Ask Autel Energy how to build one, and they'll give you the blueprints for a meaningful business that lasts a lifetime.

The Autel Energy team recently caught up with four partner companies to discuss their vision for the world. Like Autel, our partners are dedicated to clean energy solutions for their customers and communities. For us and them, that means eliminating toxic emissions from ICE vehicles by transitioning to electric vehicles. Autel's MaxiCharger series of EV chargers help our partners build out the necessary infrastructure needed for this clean energy transition.

"Our partnership with Autel signifies a key milestone in our journey towards a more cleaner and sustainable future," proclaimed Alok Dayanand, Senior Product Engineer for Admiral Energy.

A clean and sustainable future is not just an ambitious goal for our partners; it's a way of life. As Admiral Energy electrifies commercial fleets in the Middle East, they needed a partner that also lived the same values and shared a similar vision. Autel Energy entered the fold with the robust MaxiCharger DC Fast, helping Admiral Energy and other partners around the globe reach their goals quickly.

"It supports our green and sustainable initiatives," noted Jeremy Porter, CEO of Atlanta Motorsports Park in the U.S., where five of Autel's DC Fast MaxiChargers are installed. "[It's] what we're after with trying to be better humans on this planet."

Being better humans translates to better business for Porter and for our partner in the U.S., Indigo Energy, that provided the MaxiChargers. It also means understanding the humans who use the chargers every day. Autel's MaxiChargers are designed with humans in mind, delivering user-friendly displays and intuitive charging instructions for all drivers.

The user experience is a key point of emphasis for Autel. While other chargers feature black displays, broken dispensers, and non-intuitive charging instructions, Autel designed its MaxiChargers to operate seamlessly, giving the end user a barrier-free charging experience.

"People love the bright, responsive screens," says Colson Rivers, Account Executive at Indigo Energy. "And also the transparent experience that they have, where Autel is showing off each and every step in the charging process."

Rivers also notes the importance of inspiring "some confidence" in drivers' charging experience. Confidence comes from reliable chargers that work when they're supposed to, and fast speeds that get drivers back on the road to wherever they're going.

Confidence also stems from experience. As Jasper Boogert, Business Development Manager of Orange Charging in the Netherlands, puts it, "the company behind Autel Energy [and] they experience they have in the automotive business," is a very important aspect for this partnership.

Boogert and Orange Charging installed two MaxiCharger DC Fast chargers for their professional customers, and also highlighted the "current product lineup and future plans" being very impressive. The world needs EV chargers for different scenarios, including fast highway charging, fleet charging, destination charging, and home charging, and Boogert's vision is to encompass all of them.

An often overlooked aspect of electrification is commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks, delivery vans, and buses log long hours on the road and contribute heavily to a polluted environment. Having charging solutions ready for electric commercial vehicles makes for a seamless transition to a cleaner future. Hup Hin is a machinery and transporation company located in Singapore. They have 24 MaxiCharger DC Fast chargers installed for their electric trucks and buses. The Director of Hup Hin, Ryan, told us that drivers think "the chargers are easy to use....[and] also have been very reliable." With 24 MaxiChargers, Hup Hin allows their electric commercial vehicles to charge with ease, becoming the main charging hub for commercial vehicles in Singapore.

Autel stands by our global partners as they achieve their sustainability and business goals. Most importantly, we stand by our partners as they help others become better humans.

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