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Technical Support (NL) APPLY NOW

Den Haag, The Netherlands
Full time

Job description:

  • Responsible for pre-sales/after-sales technical support work, including but not limited to project delivery from inception to commissioning, and ongoing operations projects;
  • Timely handling of customer feedback on product technical issues, responsible for tracking customer feedback on technical issues and their eventual resolution, collecting customer requirements, and providing feedback to the R&D department;
  • Responsible for the collation, aggregation, and analysis of customer issues to facilitate R&D improvements and upgrades;
  • Production and training of product technical information and compilation of maintenance cases.

What You’ll Need

  1. Bachelor degree or above, 1 year or above relevant working experience, majoring in electricity, communication, electronics, measurement and control technology and instrumentation, automotive service engineering, automotive engineering, and other science and technology;
  2. Working experience in charging pile, battery, automobile, electronics, four-wheel alignment, ADAS, and other industries is preferred;
  3. Strong organization of work ideas, strong execution ability, good anti-stress ability, and good team awareness;
  4. Strong learning ability, good service consciousness, a strong sense of responsibility, meticulous and rigorous work;
  5. Strong self-driven ability;
  6. Fluent in English, other European languages are preferred;


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